PENGARUH RASIO LIKUIDITAS, RASIO LEVERAGE, RASIO AKTIFITAS DAN RASIO PROFITABILITAS TERHADAP FINANCIAL DISTRESS (pada perusahaan manufaktur yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia periode tahun 2013-2015)

Andre Vici Ardian, Rita Andini, Kharis Raharjo


The purpose of this research is to assess Company’s financial reports in correlation with financial distress in one particular company. We used Liquidity ratio (current ratio) as independent variable. While the leverage ratio used Debt to Quality ratio, Activity ratio used return on asset and profitability ratio used non profit margin. Dependent Variable on this research is The condition of financial distress it self. This research object use data of Company which registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) period 2013-2015. Sampling method by using purposive sampling where it collected 34 companies for sampling. The Method of this research used Altman Z-Score.
Data analysis method by using descriptive statistical, Classical assumption test, normally test, Multicolinearity test, heteroskedasticity test, , auto correlation test and hypothesis test (double linier analysis, coefficient determination test, Significance test by using F Anova Model.
The result of this research : liquidity ratio, leverage ratio and activity ratio had impact to financial distress condition for those manufacturer company listed in BEI, while the profitability ratio had no impact upon financial distress condition for those manufacturer company listed in BEI
Key word : Liquidity, Leverage, Activity, Profitability, Financial distress.

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