Effect of sales growth, net income, debt, debt to equity company the size of the financial performance of listed securities Indonesia period 2011-2014

Novi Utami, Patricia Dhiana Paramita, Agus Supriyanto


This researchaims to identify and explain the effect of thesales growth, Net Profit,
debt,debt equity ratio and company size of the financial performance on
manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2011-2014.The data used
in this research is secondary data obtained from BEI located in Semarang for 4 years
in a row - succession that the financial statements in the period 2011-2014, ICMD
years 2011-2014 and annual report of 2011-2014.This study using purposive
sampling method is a method of determining the number of samples taken at random
based on criteria - certain criteria. The population used in this study were 120
manufacturing companies listed on the Stock Exchange to sample as many as 30
companies. The analytical method used is multiple regression analysis.These results
indicate that the sales growth has negative effect on financial performance , net
profit, negatively affect on financial performance ,debt negatively affect on financial
performance, , debt equity ratio negative effect on financial performanc, and
company size positive affect on financial perfomance .
Keywords : sales growth, net profit , Debt Equity Ratio and company size financial

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