EFFECT OF LEVERAGE, LIQUIDITY, PROFITABILITY, SIZE AND GROWTH OF DIVIDEND POLICY (Studies on Manufacturing company that is listed on the Stock Exchange listing Indonesia Year 2010-2014)

Wulan sari, Ari Pranaditya, Rita Andini


This study aims to examine the effect of leverage,liquidity, profitability, company size, and growth on dividend policy. The population of this research is a public company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange by manufacturing companies as sampel. The sampling method using purposive sampling method. Samles were collectedfrom 25 manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during the period 2010 – 2014. Method of dta collection using the documentation.Analyzed of data by using descriptive, classic assumption test, and regression. Th results showed dept to equity ratio, current ratio, return on asset significant effect on dividend payout ratio. While the size and growth does not significant on dividend payout ratio. It is recomended that prospective investors pay attention to leverage, liquidit, and profitability befoore investing because it has the effect of simultaneously to dividend policy.
Keywords : DER, CR, ROA, Size, Growth, DPR

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