Adi Laksito, Abrar Oemar, Patricia Dhiana Paramita


This study aims to determine the effect of profitability, dividend policy, debt policy,
capital structure, roa, and corporate profits on corporate value. Sources of data used in this
study is secondary data, namely the company's financial statements obtained from the
Jakarta Stock Exchange (BEI). The population in this study is a manufacturing company
listed on the stock exchange indonesia 2012-2015. The sample in this research is taken with
Purposive Sampling method. Data were analyzed by using skewness-kurtosis normality test,
classical assumption test, coefficient determination test, F test and hypothesis test. The result
of this research on the ROE variable has a significant positive effect on the value of the
Company. On the variable of House of Representatives has a significant positive effect on the
value of the Company. On DER variable has a significant positive effect on the value of the
Company. In DAR variable has a significant positive effect on the value of the Company.
significant to the value of the Company, positively insignificant to the value of the Company.
The higher profitability of the company will also increase earnings per share (EPS or
earnings per share) of the company. An increase in EPS will make investors interested to
invest their capital by buying the company's shares. Company performance in managing
management can be described with profitability. The more dividends are distributed to
shareholders, the performance of the issuer or company will be considered better and
ultimately companies that have good managerial performance are considered profitable and
of course the assessment of the company will be better too. The debt policy determines the
amount of debt the company will use to fund its operating activities. Companies will utilize
the use of debt optimally to generate high profits, so it can affect the increase in corporate
value. The use of debt in the capital structure of a company can increase the chances of
bankruptcy because of too large a debt causing cash flow flows insufficient for interest
payments and even larger debt repayments. This is called the cost of financial distress, a
condition where companies are experiencing financial difficulties and are threatened with
bankruptcy. the earnings report is a signal for future earnings. The financial statements are
used as a form of expectation based on signals given by management through financial
Keywords: Profitability, Dividend Policy, Debt Policy, Capital Structure, Roa, And
Company Profit And Company Value

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