Rizki Wahyudi, Iwan Priyoga, Anityas Dian Susanti


A form of Islamic boarding school education that has a pesantren education curriculum combined with the standards of the International Standard School (SBI) and has facilities that are in accordance with SBI standards, which are in Sragen. As a manifestation of the development of education in Sragen. Islamic boarding school building has a pattern of mass shape and mass of buildings that are identical to the main pattern of activity of a boarding school, namely there are dormitory buildings, classrooms, mosques, etc. But in the regional concept, as an embodiment of international standards, there are also building buildings that accommodate these international facilities. Islamic architecture here serves to apply the basic principles of Islam, namely the Qur'an and Hadith on the concept of Islamic boarding school activities. And the flow of classical architecture was applied to the form of Islamic boarding schools.
Key words: Islamic Boarding School. design

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