Muhammad Sidqi Ahda, Iwan Priyoga, Adi Sasmito


The campus of a university is a place for educational activities. In addition to functioning as a place of education, in accordance with the Tridharma of Higher Education, the campus is also a forum for research and community service. The application of the tridharma of higher education should also be reflected in the arrangement of the campus area. The Pandanaran University Semarang campus is one of the campuses that has a fairly wide area and has enormous potential, especially related to the utilization of its outer space whose potential has not been fully utilized. Related to the utilization of the outer space, it is necessary to study the ways and patterns of the utilization of the potential of the outer space of the Pandanaran University campus area in Semarang, in terms of aspects of outside space in accordance with campus functions as a center of education, research and community service. This research method uses a rationalistic method that is based on the purpose of the research that focuses on identifying the potential use of space in the Pandanaran University Semarang area. The conclusions of this study found that there is a lot of potential for outer space that has not been maximally utilized, which can be developed with the concept of outside spatial planning that supports the academic atmosphere by applying the concept of open space that is unified and interrelated. Keywords ; Campuss, Potential Outside Space

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