Oktavia Aknani, Adi Sasminto, Mutiawati Mandaka


Semarang Hebat is a region in Central Java, the city is more appropriately dubbed the "elite city", because the buildings here are very modern. The music concert hall is a building that serves to hold music concerts or live music performances. In accordance with its objectives, the main technical things needed are acoustics in the concert hall, both objective and subjective conditions must be optimal, in accordance with the demands of musicians and spectators. Concert halls are the result of innovations in western cultural architecture that are technically intended to support the music arts culture. Its history began in the early 19th century starting with buildings in the form of amphitheater, colloseoum, new opera house and later concert hall. This development is also in line with the development of acoustics and architecture. In modern times, concert halls have been the result of the latest innovations from various technologies, sciences and the art of music itself.
Keywords: Music Concert Hall Music, design

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