M Riki Candra, Adi Sasminto, Mutiawati Mandaka


Resort hotel present to provide alternative on the tourists to stay. The lifestyle of the modern society now could not be released from the tourist attractions, cafes, Gift Center, a place of entertainment for tiredness be the reason this Hotel Resort development. In this discussion to know things that are related to the pattern of structuring the lowliest building mass Mountain Recreation so that buildings in the mountains can be arranged neatly and can be utilized as fully as possible according acomodation services and to services can be better and can as a conceptual grounding in crafting a cornerstone progam planning and designing the pattern of structuring a mass building kopeng come within the province of Central Java.
the potential possessed by the bandungan mountain region that offers a view of the mountains in the afternoon / morning in the form of Sunset / Sunrise, then Resort Hotels in the Mountain Tourism Area in Bandungan, Semarang Regency is very appropriate to be established. by utilizing the natural potential in site management, as well as accessibility and visibility aspects that make it easier for users to engage in tourism activities and provide a maximum view. accessibility of economic traffic to all tourist attractions, making travel packages can reach many tourist attractions in a short time.
Keyword : Hotels Resort , Tourism.

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