SUNSET RESORT HOTEL IN BANDENGAN JEPARA (Dengan pendekatan Konsep Arsitektur Post Modern)

Supriyadi Supriyadi, Adi Sasmito, Esti Yulitriani


Hotel of Resort represent medium accommodate to tourist to be able to enjoy natural atmosphere of mountain, rural and territorial water ( Coastal ). Scheme Of this Sunset Resort Hotel by exploiting coastal natural potency In this case Bandengan Jepara with Sunset view in the evening maximally in settlement of tread facing to West.
Emphasis of Architecture concept of Post Modern , characteristic of desain building form and mass with adopting is harmonious of environmental and coastal nature and also local cultural wisdom with human being in concept scheme of architecture, so that to be can give circumstantial and unique impression of keragaman of Central Java architecture and culture specially in Sub-Province of Jepara which finally can draw domestic tourist and also Foreign countries.
Exploiting of natural potency in the form of coast ( Sea ) is in an optimal fashion allied with aspect of aksesibilitas and of visibilitas become a resolving in scheme of Sunset Resort Hotel of In Bandengan Jepara and without disregarding from architecture characteristic that is Venustas, Fermitas and of Utilitas.
Keyword : Hotel; Sunset; Cottage ; Coastal Tour of Bandengan Jepara


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