Agung Setiyo Widodo, Aziz Fathoni, Leonardo Budi Hasiholan


This study aims to determine the effectiveness Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in supporting the strategy to improve
the quality of human resources at PT. Indomarco Prismatama Semarang Branch and to find out themethod Key Performance
Indicator (KPI) in improving the quality of human resources and performance at PT. Indomarco Prismatama Semarang
Branch. The data used in this study are primary data obtained from the results of questionnaires. As well as secondary data
obtained from several sources.
The population of this study is all employees at PT. Indomarco Prismatama Semarang Branch in 4 related
departments includes HR, Finance, BIC and Operation Area. The total population used and in accordance with the
requirements in this study amounted to 125 people. Starting from the position of Supervisor down. While the method of taking
samples in the field using theformula Random Sampling that is taking samples randomly, so that obtained 58 research samples.
In this study using qualitative analysis and system scoring. The instrument used is the construction of the researcher with the
form of scoring between the numbers 0 to 10.
Based on the results of the research that has been done, it is produced that (1) The Implementation of Key Performance
Indicators (KPI) at PT. The Semarang Branch of Indomarco Prismatama has been well implemented in the form of clear
employee targets. (2) Based on the analysis of the results of performance measurement that has been done to 37 KPIs that have
been validated, 37 KPIs are found in the green zone which indicates that they are in line with the targets desired by the
company. Whereas 1 KPI is in the yellow zone which indicates that it is not in accordance with the company's target but not
too emergency. And as many as 5 KPIs are in the red zone. The most important improvement recommendations are currently
given to 5 KPIs in the red zone, namely NKL Control in the store, NKL Replacement inStores Controlled (% of the store's Jml
is billing charges and% of employee's NKL billing expenses) and lost goods fraud disclosure efforts at the IDM store. (3) Based
on the analysis of answers from respondents, it was found that at PT. Semarang Branch Indomarco Prismatama has fulfilled
the requirements to assess employee performance using themethod Management by Objective, (MBO)about 52% answered
Very Good, 24% answered Good, 15% answered enough, 5% answered less and 4% answered very less
Keywords : Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Scoring System and Management by Objective (MBO)


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