STRATEGI PEMASARAN DAN RENCANA PENGEMBANGAN RUMAH MAKAN (Studi Deskriptif Kualitatif Strategi Pemasaran dan Rencana Pengembangan Omah Roso Resto and Café di Cabang Baru Pemuda Semarang)

Albertus Wijaya Kurniawan, Leonardo Budi Hasiholan, Djamaludin Malik


“Omah Roso” is one of the culinary efforts that serves various kinds of “geprek ” chicken
dishes and meatballs with various variations of sauce. This study aims to determine marketing strategies
related to segmentation, targeting, and positioning set by Omah Roso and development plans with a marketing
mix consisting from product, price, location, and promotion that will be an indicator of marketing success in
achieving customer satisfaction.
This research is a qualitative research. All data used in this study were obtained from interviews with
Omah Roso management and the Omah Roso Consumer on Pemuda branch and the performance were
analyzed to obtain a corrective action plan.
In generally this study conclude that Omah Roso serve market segments of young people with modern
life style with development plan that focus on customer (Customer Oriented) and the voice of customer which
states satisfied to marketing mix generated by Omah Roso.
Keyword: marketing strategy, marketing mix and customer satisfaction

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