Analisis Pengaruh Kebutuhan Fisiologis, Kebutuhan Keamanan, Kebutuhan Sosial, Kebutuhan Penghargaan, Kebutuhan Aktualisasi Terhadap Produktivitas Kerja Karyawan Pada Fleet Departemen di PT. Serasi Autoraya Cabang Semarang

Susilo Wibowo, Dheasey Amboningtyas, Azis Fathoni, Darsin Darsin


This study is a study that examined the relation of working motivation with the productivity of
employees in Fleet Department of PT Serasi Autoraya. Motivation is the reason, propulsion inside of
people cause people doing something. Employee motivation influence interest factor, salary, safety
needed, relationship, and working opportunity.In this study, the samples used by 100 responden that
listed as employee of PT Serasi Autoraya Semarang branch. The dependent variable is productivity of
the employee. The Independent variable is working motivation that measured with some criteria, there
are fisiology needed, safety needed, social needed, achievement needed, and self actualitation
needed.The result indicate that fisiology needed (X1) = 0.699, safety needed (X2) = 0.720, social
needed (X3) = 0.706, achievement needed (X4) = 0.677, self actualitation needed (X5) = 0.542.
Dominant variable that effect to employee productivity is safety needed cause employee need assurance
of safety to do his or her work.
Key words: Ficiology needed, safety needed, social needed, achievement needed, self
actualitation needed, working motivation, employee productivity.

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