EFFECT OF PRICE, PROMOTION AND SERVICE ON CONSUMER LOYALTY (Study on Consumers in Indomaret Pedurungan District Semarang)

Tri Susilo, Cicik Harini


This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of price, promotion, salesand
customer loyalty in Indomaret Pedurungan District Semarang. Data collectionthrough
questionnaires distribution, variables used in independent variables andimplemented in
100 shop visitors. Data analysis in this study using SPSS version 17.Sampling technique
using purposive sampling method and data testingtechnique in this research include
validity test with factor analysis, reliability testwith Alpha Cronbach, Test of classical
assumption.Meanwhile, to test and provehypothesis using linear regression alisis, t test
and F test.
The result of analysis shows the first equation is Y1 = 0,282X1 + 0,527X2 +0,315X3
+ e. which means the variable price, promotion and sales of consumerloyalty have a
positive effect. The first hypothesis t-count value> t-table value is4.872> 1.660 while for
a significant value of 0.005 has a positive and significantimpact on consumer
satisfaction. The second hypothesis t-count value> t-table valueis 7,793> 1,660, while
for significance value that is 0,000 <0,05, have positiveinfluence and significant
influence of price, promotion and service to consumerloyalty.The third hypothesis t-count
value> t-table value is 4.653> 1.660, whileforthe significance value is 0,000 <0.05 so it
can be explained that the quality of servicehas a positive and significant impact on
consumer loyalty. Fourth hypothesis F-countvalue of 69.252> F-table 2.70 with a
significance level of 0.0000 smaller than 0.05. Itcan show price variable, promotion and
service to consumer loyalty have positiveand significant influence simultaneously to
customer satisfaction. Hypothesis fifthvalue t-count> t-table value is 3.855> 1.660. As
for the significant value of 0.005>0.05 so that can be explained price, promotion and
service have a positive andsignificant impact on consumer loyalty.
Keywords: Sales Promotion, Price, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

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