Agung Prastiyo, Azis Fathoni, Djamaluddin Malik


Ginger is the most widely cultivated medicinal plant in Indonesia. Indonesia itself has three types of ginger commonly traded, namely elephant ginger, ginger emprit, and red ginger. Of the three types of ginger, red ginger has a chemical component that is superior, especially the content of higher essential oils. The purpose of this study is to identify the marketing attributes of red ginger processed products UD. Barokah Ungaran has been applied, To identify and analyze consumer attitudes toward red ginger processed products based on 11 product attributes. To analyze internal factors and external factors on UD. Barokah Ungaran. To formulate alternative marketing strategies that can be applied by UD. Barokah Ungaran to be able to improve marketing performance
The research design used is case study research. Sample taken by a number of 10 UD management. Barokah Ungaran and 30 consumers of red ginger powder product UD. Barokah Ungaran. Data type used; primary and secondary data by means of questionnaires and archives. Data analysis tool used in this research is SWOT analysis that is analysis about strength (Strength), Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.
Based on the results of research and discussion can be made conclusion as follows SAP analysis results of 4.10 note that the company is in a strong competition position. ETOP analysis that analyzes the factors that can be an opportunity and threat for the company obtained an opportunity value for the company of 4.09 and threat of 3.90. From that value, it is known that the company position in ETOP matrix is in speculative bussiness position. The results of SAP and ETOP analysis are implied in the SWOT matrix indicating that the firm is in the investment position (I). This means that in such a position the company needs to improve on some of the strategies that have been used and it needs improvement in its management function
Keywords: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat

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