Pengaruh Faktor Pendidikan, Motivasi, dan Pengalaman Kerja terhadap Kinerja Perangkat Desa di Kecamatan Mranggen Kabupaten Demak

Suprihono Setyawan


Abstract:This study aims to examine and analyze the Effect of Education Factor, Motivation and
Work Experience on the Performance of Village Devices in Mranggen Subdistrict Demak District
This research was conducted by population method and carried out on 5 village officials in each
village Se District Mranggen Technique testing data used in this study include validity test, reliability
test, regression analysis, t test and mediation test.
The results of the analysis and discussion show that the Education, Motivation and Work Experience
respectively positively affect the Performance of Village Devices in Mranggen District Demak
Keywords: Education, Motivation, Work Experience and Village Device Performance

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